October Meeting

WHEN: Monday, October 9, 2017.
             6:30 PM - Ragchew
             7:00 PM – Business Meeting

WHERE: Aiken Regional Medical Center 6th Floor Classrooms A & B
               University Parkway
               Aiken, SC

TALK-IN: 145.350 Mhz (-) (PL tone: 156.7)

BUSINESS: Nominations for club officers for 2018. Discussion of our December Christmas Party. 

PROGRAM: This month's program will be hands on! We will be building a power pole power distribution pc board.  

If you have them, please bring the following to the meeting:
soldering iron with stand, solder, and extension cord
power pole crimping tool
wire cutter that can cut 12 gauge wire
needle nose pliers

Please note that there is no charge for parts to NABRC "PAID UP" members, as the club has bought the power poles. So if you have not paid yet, please pay your yearly dues.

I have 25 "kits", so it's first come first served to club members.
All others there is a $5.00 charge.
If I have any kits left over, you can buy one for $5.00 if you want another.

Science Education Enrichment Day

The annual Science Education Enrichment Day is fast approaching. This year's SEED event will be held on October 7, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Ruth Patrick Science Center on the campus of the University of South Carolina in Aiken. The deadline to sign up for a lunch and t-shirt has passed, but you can still come out and help educate the over 3,000 kids who will pass by our booth about the merits of Amateur Radio. 

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Kent, KQ4KK, at KQ4KK@arrl.net

Club Elections

The October meeting of the North Augusta Belvedere Radio Club is a chance for you to nominate someone for a club officer position. As of this writing, the current club officers are willing to be nominated and to serve for another year. 

If you would like to nominate someone, please do so at the October meeting. 

The November meeting will be elections for club officers, if there is more than one person running for a position. 

Our December Christmas Party meeting is the installation of officers. More information on this meeting will follow shortly.

North Augusta High School Amateur Radio Club

As we have discussed at the last several club meetings, Greg, K5CVD, was working with the Aiken County Public School District to get an Amateur Radio club started at North Augusta High School.

We are pleased to announce that our proposal was accepted and our first meeting of the NAHS ARC will be October 11, 2017 at 3:45 PM in the Auditorium of the school. Any Amateur Radio Operator who would like to help with this club are invited to come and assist. 

We are also working to build an Amateur Radio station that will remain at the school. We have been offered any locked closet in the auditorium to use for storing our equipment. The school is also willing to have antennas permanently placed on the roof of the auditorium. 

Schofield's Amateur Radio Club has offered the use of some of their surplus equipment until we can obtain our own. If you have any radios, antennas, or any other radio related equipment you are willing to donate to our efforts, we would be thankful! 

We have also started a GoFundMe to help raise money to buy any equipment we need. You can donate by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/high-school-amateur-radio-club. Any money raised above our goal will be used for materials to teach the teens about Amateur Radio. 

Thank you all in advance for all your help and support!

"Force of 50" Steps Up to Assist Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

Members of the Amateur Radio community have volunteered to assist in the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico and Dominica and, to a lesser extent, the US Virgin Islands. This week, 50 of the most accomplished US radio amateurs responded within 24 hours to a call from the American Red Cross (ARC) to deploy to Puerto Rico and provide emergency communications assistance there. At the ARC's request, ARRL rallied the US Amateur Radio community to provide up to 25 two-person teams of highly qualified hams. ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, said that more than 350 answered the call, from nearly every state.

"This generous outpouring of response represents the finest qualities of the Amateur Radio community," he said. "These individuals are dropping whatever they are doing now, heading off to an extended hardship-duty assignment, and offering their special talents to Americans who have been cut off from their families, living amid widespread destruction and without electrical power since Hurricane Maria struck the Caribbean region last week."

The group's principal mission will be to move health-and-welfare information from the island back to the US mainland, where that data will be entered in the Red Cross Safe and Well system. The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) has been asked to assist these operators when they check in with tactical, health-and-welfare (H&W), and Safe and Well messages.

SATERN and other active nets are not accepting incoming H&W inquiries. The Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN) is taking incoming H&W inquiries via e-mail for Dominica. The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) is taking inquiries (only one per sender) via e-mail for Puerto Rico. Inquiries should include the full name and location of both the sender and the individual(s) being sought and the sender's e-mail address.

The group will be in Puerto Rico for up to 3 weeks. ARRL has equipped each team with an HF transceiver, software, a dipole antenna, a power supply and all connecting cables, fitted in a rugged waterproof container. In an unprecedented and crucial move, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreed to help get the Ham Aid gear to Puerto Rico.

The League also is sending two VHF repeaters, a dozen hand-held transceivers, five mobile radios, what Gallagher described as "5 cubic feet of batteries," a number of small 2-kW portable generators, and solar-powered battery chargers. The hams and their equipment will be sent to Red Cross shelters extending from San Juan to the western end of the island.

In addition, ARRL has committed to purchasing up to $50,000 worth of new Ham Aid gear for this and for future emergencies.

ARRL's Emergency Preparedness Manager Mike Corey, KI1U, said this was the first time in the nearly 75-year relationship between ARRL and the ARC that such a request for assistance had been made. "Hurricane Maria has devastated the island's communications infrastructure," Corey said. "Without electricity and telephone, and with most of the cell sites out of service, millions of Americans are cut off from communicating. Shelters are unable to reach local emergency services. And, people cannot check on the welfare of their loved ones. The situation is dire."

The Yasme Foundation announced this week that it has made a grant to ARRL's Ham Aid fund, in support of the Amateur Radio response to the recent hurricanes in the US and Caribbean. The Ham Aid fund was created in 2005 in response to the need for equipment and resources to support the Amateur Radio response to hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

A September 27 CNN report documented the personal impact of the storm on Puerto Rico and Amateur Radio's role in the recovery.

How You Can Help

ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, has asked for contributions to ARRL's Ham Aid fund. "Equipment has been flying out the door since Hurricane Harvey struck the US mainland," he emphasized. "From meeting requirements in aid of Hurricane Irma victims in the US Virgin Islands and Florida, our store of Ham Aid kits has been depleted."

ARRL's Ham Aid program loans Amateur Radio equipment kits to established Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) groups and partner agencies during disaster responses, in order to establish Amateur Radio communication support. Ham Aid is supported by donations from individuals and corporations, including many of our ham radio industry partners.

ARRL has previously staged Ham Aid equipment in Texas as well as supplied kits to Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. With the Ham Aid inventory depleted, donations are needed now. Contributions to Ham Aid are 100% tax deductible. To donate online, select "Ham Aid" from the ARRL donation form. To donate by mail, print a donation form, and mail it with your check payable to ARRL, noting "Ham Aid" on the memo line of your check. Mail to ARRL, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111 USA.

From The ARRL Letter for September 28, 2017.

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