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This event is running from 11 September 2014 until 12 September 2019. It is next occurring on 8 March 2018 19:00

  • Venue: St. John's United Methodist Church
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Testing for a new amateur radio license or for an upgrade is held at St. John United Methodist Church, 104 Newberry St., NW in Aiken, SC. The entrance is toward the back of the building near the corner of Newberry and Barnwell Streets. The class is held on the Second Floor of the building (there is an elevator right inside the entrance). The GPS coordinates for the entrance is 33°33’44.3″N 81°43’09.9″W.

Licensed Amateurs Please Bring:

  1. Two forms of ID, one a Photo ID, the other can be your license.
  2. A copy of your current license and the original (will be returned).
  3. A copy of any Certificate for Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE)s that you want credit for and the original CSCE (will be returned).
  4. A copy of your Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Registration Number (FRN), if it doesn’t appear on your license. See the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) website ( and check out your callsign administrative section, you may have a FRN assigned, but not have it printed on your license. If the FCC ULS website doesn’t have a FRN listed, we will need your Social Security Number to get a FRN issued to you at the same time the upgrade paperwork goes in.
  5. Testing fee: $10ºº – Cash Preferred- Exact Amount, Please

For Persons Taking The Test For The First Time, We Will Need:

  1. Two forms of ID, one a Photo ID, the other can be anything with your name and current address.
  2. We will need your Social Security Number, unless you have had a FRN issued to you for another radio service, then we will need your FRN.
  3. Testing fee: $10ºº – Cash Preferred- Exact Amount, Please

Parking for the Testing Session can be found on the north side of the building off of Barnwell Street.

For more information, please contact Glenn Morton by phone at 803 226-1746 or by email at

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