Field Day for the North Augusta-Belvedere Radio Club and Aiken County ARES was held the 4th full weekend in June. It was located in the western parking lot of the student dorms at the University of South Carolina, Aiken campus. We had a lot more room to put up antennas and spread out. Dinner was Low Country Boil. We operated as 5A with three dedicated HF SSB stations, a HF CW station, a HF PSK31 station, a 6M SSB station and a GOTA station. We used 2 FLEX 6500 SDR radios. In 2015, we made almost 1800 contacts and almost 8000 points. We had 15 operators and many others helped setup, maintain, and take down.

Take a moment to look at the wonderful video of our Field Day by visiting our Video’s page.