The CSRA currently has 5 DSTAR Repeaters (2 in Aiken, 3 in Evans), that are user controllable, fully internet connected. 

KR4AIK C (VHF)   Beaufort St.  Aiken, SC.  145.16 – 600 KHZ

KR4AIK B (UHF)   Beaufort St.  Aiken, SC.  443.4125 + 5.0 MHZ

KR4AIK (both VHF and UHF) are the latest ICOM dual mode repeaters. They operate as either DSTAR or FM mode, automatically switching depending user signal input. There must be 5 sec of no activity on the repeater to switch modes. Frequency input and offset are the same for either mode. In the FM mode a CTCSS tone of 88.5 Hz is required to access the repeater. 

DSTAR Registration? You do not have to be registered with DSTAR just to use it, or talk on the repeaters connected to a reflector. However, you need to complete a 3 part registration if you want to “command”, that is change, disconnect, echo, or redirect the repeater. You can register at Disregard the warning and complete the registration. Then send an email to KQ4KK@ARRL.NET and let him know you have completed the first part of the registration. He will then approve you and then you can complete the registration.

KR4AIK C VHF IS NORMALLY CONNECTED TO REFLECTOR 001C. This is the busiest DSTAR reflector in the world! You can listen and talk to someone 24/7. You will always get a QSO. All kinds of folks, from ALL over the world on this reflector. Make a batch of popcorn, put your radio on KR4AIK C and be entertained.

KR4AIK B UHF remains normally connected to Reflector 030C. There is always somebody interesting to talk on this reflector. It is not as crowded as Reflector 001C.

KR4AIK B (UHF) changes linking a few times a week for special nets-

SUNDAY NIGHT 9PM it is connected to Reflector 004A, for the SE DSTAR Weather net. All SE states are connected for a weather net.

THURSDAY MORNING 0830AM it is connected to Reflector 030B, for the Coastal DSTAR Health Care net.

DSTAR is built to allow YOU to connect to ANY repeater or reflector in the world that has access to the internet. NO PRIOR APPROVAL IS NEEDED. Remember if YOU want to connect a repeater to somewhere else, PLEASE DO. Just announce you are UNLINKING and where you are connecting. Due to the magic of Kevin’s programming skills, once you are done, and not using the repeater, after about 30 min., it will auto connect back to the normal Reflector connection. You will not get anyone mad. You cannot break the system. Have fun!!


The short stack (VHF/UHF) DSTAR Repeaters KM4LOD B and C are built, and have been put on the SCETV tower at Beach Island at ~40 ft. SCETV has also upgraded the Internet service at Beech Island to give more robust service. The VHF repeater includes a 100 watt amplifier.

Call sign for the Beech Island DSTAR repeaters.  KM4LOD.

Coordinated VHF freqs for the Beech Island DSTAR repeater.  145.26 -600kHz   KM4LOD C

UHF freqs have been coordinated  440.55 +5MHz   KM4LOD B

*********  Most of Georgia DSTAR main repeaters are now linked on REF030B, instead of REF030C. The alternates might be connected to REF030C.

Waynesboro GA has upgraded one of the Waynesboro YAESU repeaters 444.1 to include DSTAR. This is a real help for DSTAR RF coverage in the CSRA.


KJ4PYA B (UHF) 440.6500 + 5.0MHZ

KJ4PYA C (VHF) 145.0800 + 1.40MHZ normally connected to REF030B

Kent, KQ4KK

KR4AIK and KM4LOD Trustee