DMR (digital mobile radio) ham radio is a digital open standard radio network produced by the European Telecommunications standard Institute (ETSI) in the mid-1980s optimized through efficient bandwidth use via Time-Division Multiple Access. TDMA divides communication into time slots, which ensures the senders and receivers can communicate uninterrupted in two separate conversations without changing the frequency.

The CSRA currently has 3 permanent DMR Repeaters (Aiken SC, Beech Island SC and Wrens GA) and 1 transportable repeater in the Aiken EM communications trailer.

All repeaters are color code 1

N2ZZ (UHF)   Beaufort St.  Aiken, SC.  443.4125 MHz + 5.0 MHZ

KR4AIK is connected to the Brandmeister network.

KD4IEZ (VHF) Wrens GA 147.33 MHz +600kHz

KD4IEZ is connected to the Brandmeister network

WR4SC (VHF) Beech Island, SC 145.260 – 600kHz

WR4SC is routinely connected to the PRN network. During declared emergencies in SC, this repeater is repeater is disconnected from the wider PRN network and operates SC statewide only.

WR4SC (UHF) Aiken County EM communications trailer 440.800 MHz +5.0 MHz

The Aiken County EM trailer DMR repeater is operational and connected to the PRN only when deployed. On air (RF) operational range is limited to the area near the trailer due to low gain and low antenna height.