Rules for Conducting a Hidden Transmitter Hunt


  • All contestants must register.
  • All contestants will start from the pre-announced starting point at the appointed time.
  • The boundaries of a hunt will be announced just before the start of the hunt.
  • The transmitter will be hidden within the announced boundaries, in a publicly accessible place.
  • Other special rules may be announced in advance.
  • Violations of FCC rules and regulations may be cause for disqualification.
  • The object of the hunt is to locate the hidden transmitter itself, not the operators, antennas, or other accessories.


  • It is strongly recommended that mobile hunters travel in teams of at least 2 persons.
  • The driver should focus on safe operation of the vehicle while others operate the radio/DF gear.
  • The operator of the hidden transmitter shall ensure, in advance of the hunt, that the location of the transmitter does not require the operator or hunters to trespass (enter without permission) on private lands.


Methods for determining winners will be agreed upon and announced ahead of time.


Method 1 – Winner is the team or individual who finds the transmitter first.

Method 2 – If hunting involves travel by motor vehicle, mileage readings of all entrants may be taken at the starting point by a designated club official. A vehicle must be driven to the location of the hidden transmitter or some point designated as the closest accessible point, and the individual or team must actually find the transmitter. Winner is the team or individual who finds the transmitter within least mileage from start.

WX4BB (Boots Boyce), February 5, 2008