The North Augusta Belvedere Radio Club was originally founded in 1955 and was incorporated in 1958.

The club covers all of Aiken County, South Carolina and surrounding counties. The club meets on odd months at the Public Service Station #2 in North Augusta, South Carolina and on even months at the Aiken Regional Medical Centers in 6th floor classroom in Aiken, South Carolina.

Meeting fellowship starts at 6:30pm and meeting called to order at 7:oopm

SCHEART will be offering Ham (Amateur) Radio classes in March of 2023.

This is for Technician, General and Extra. All classes will be running from March 20th through 24th. from 6pm to 9pm. Some classes will not take the whole week, but will finish when all the material is covered. These classes run concurrently. You can only choose one of the classes.

We’re presenting the classes by video conference using Zoom ( ) If you didn’t have the time to attend in person before, now is your chance. Email  [email protected]. We’ll forward your email to your instructor and they will send you an invitation to the video conference.

NABRC is a Special Services Club recognized by the American Radio Relay League. We offer amateur radio license testing, technical support and education on a wide variety of science related topics. We also sponsor the N4SMS club located at Schofield Middle School in Aiken, South Carolina and the K4NAH club at North Augusta High School in North Augusta, South Carolina. We work with the middle and high school students outfitting them with the knowledge necessary to pass their entry level exams.

The club has a Facebook group so if you are active on Facebook follow us here. If you are on Twitter you can follow us here

Links to both Facebook and Twitter are found at the bottom of this web site. Just click on the icons.

We hope you will join us at one of our events or at one of the monthly meetings!


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