How to become a ham

Why become a ham?

Perhaps you have already decided to join the ham radio community but in case you are still “thinking about it”. Most hams will tell you that they are in the hobby and stay active because it is FUN. Obviously we participate in hobbies for enjoyment. With ham radio the FUN comes in many ways. For example, some enjoy the thrill of assembling a station and contacting distant stations (DX) in unusual countries. Others simply enjoy getting on the air and making friends (rag chewing) regardless of location. Contesting, where hams compete to contact as many other stations as possible, attracts others.

The technical challenges of assembling a station and experimenting attracts others. And finally (but certainly not last) many become hams to provide for emergency preparedness in the event of disaster.

However the best advice for getting started is to attend your local ham radio club meeting. Hams are a gregarious group and very generous with help.

In the Aiken and North Augusta SC area

North Augusta Belvedere Amateur Radio Club

In the Augusta GA area

Amateur Radio Club of Augusta

In the Columbia County GA area

Amateur Radio club of Columbia County

Now that you have decided to join the community you will find the pages below to help with process.

Your license

Study tips

Testing comes next

Congratulations, getting started